The Situation:

Skyway Canada determined that they had been spending too much money on building entire scaffolding around a building for small projects. Skyway Canada was not very familiar with rope access and how Tacten could benefit them.

The Opportunity We Saw:

We saw the opportunity to help  Tacten become a credible company and partner with Skyway Canada as their lead rope division team. By having a presentation and pitch for the executives of Skyway Canada, Tacten could accomplish this goal.

What we did:

We defined and created a brand and logo that would fit the new division. We helped them put together a slideshow presentation and taught them how to pitch. To increase understanding, we created brochures to show exactly what the new division would do for Skyway Canada and how it would benefit their current operations.

“Skyway said they have never had a more professional presentation put in front of them than our’s. Scott and I are both working for Skyway currently and building this Rope Access Division. We as a team have never felt so well put together and extremely prepared and confident in our presentation and knowledge of value. It was your ability and workmanship that put this together. I’ll be in touch.”