The Situation:

In Just BIO Fiber’s initial stages of growth, they needed analysis on their marketing, structure, logo, social media, and website.

The Opportunity We Saw:

We saw the opportunity to help a company in their initial stages of growth by analyzing their brand and social media presence and offering suggestions.

What we did:

We analyzed their marketing structure, logo, social media, and website, revising  them and recommending how to improve. We worked to discover goals for each facet and what they wanted to promote over each medium. Working with their IT, we designed the front end of their website and did a photoshoot for both promotional material and the website.

“We were very impressed with the service that was provided. They spent a lot of time working with us and was very patient to ensure we got what we needed. The consulting service that was provided by Sandon was helpful for me to generate ideas and strategies for me to move forward.”