The Situation:

LaPrairie, a rental company that provides heavy machinery, trucks, and equipment, had a lot of front-line workers, but no way of knowing how they all felt about the safety regulations or if they were consistently following them.

The Opportunity We Saw:

We saw the opportunity to help them create a safer work environment by conducting marketing research on the workers themselves.

What we did:

We created a survey with relevant questions tailored to the workers in order to understand where they were coming from, and we had talked to Motive Safety to get information from them on survey questions to ask the workers. After conducting the survey, we compiled the data, created recommendations, and gave the results to Management. We had worked with Real HR to ensure the recommendations and survey were in compliance with regulations.

“Law of Marketing has helped me understand my workers more and what worked for them and what didn’t. Law of Marketing got in the heads of my workers and presented me with the results and gave us recommendations on how to approach the problem. We took their advice and saw our productivity rise just as much as safety. We felt like we got more than what we asked for.”