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Ready to take your business to the next level?

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    Identify new opportunities to engage with existing and new clients

    Working watch Law of Marketing I was transformed in my understanding of my customer segment. I discovered which customers bring the most value and how to get more of them and have a higher retention and referral.”

    This is a very simple concept for those seeking marketing. Business owners often come to us wanting new clients. However,  I ask if that where the highest return for their marketing comes from? Are you trying to generate more revenue from your current customers or gain more customers? 

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    Shape company branding to fit with real prospects

    The way I have been viewing my brand has been the same way since I started the business in 1995. Without realization, I kept some of the same principals of my brand until 2017. Even though I adapted with my business to the changing market needs, my brand didn’t reflect that to the new clients I wanted to be attracting. Law of Marketing was extremely respectful in understanding my ways of thinking and showed me opportunities with my brand that I was excited about, not intimidated by.”

    Gaining a strong understanding of your target market can be the hardest part because it forces you to TALK to real people. We will guide and coach you for success in identifying not just who your target market is, but the real pains they face. Doing this analysis allows your company to get right to the pain and turn prospects into clients faster and with more value added.

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    Get a strategic marketing plan with both short- and long-term goals

    When I met with Sandon for our initial coffee meeting, he immediately resonated with me. I saw his gears turning and even before I did the 30 day work plan, I saw my company coming into a new life. We established weekly goals and often achived more than we sought, every week.” 

    Most people are familiar with SMART goals (Specific Measurable Achievable Related Timely), which makes planning for the long-term more achievable. Law of Marketing has genuinely helped customers in understanding that every action will produce a result. So what actions will we create together to produce both the short-term and long-term results you see for your company?

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    Achieve Stronger Market Penetration With our Social Media Experts

    I thought I understood how to run my business with social media, but when I asked Law of Marketing to step in I learned that there was a lot more than what I was currently doing. Now my customers can come to me instead of me looking for them.”

    We didn’t have to take a course to learn social media, we’ve been learning on our own since day 1. We became experts through trial and error and learned what social media works and what doesn’t work for businesses. Let us guide you in the ever-changing landscape of marketing using social media.

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    Co-Create A Sound Marketing Strategy and Plan
    That Meets Your Unique Needs

    I was amazed at how Law of Marketing really worked with our team. They didn’t just create a marketing plan for me, they worked with me in creating one that worked for my budget and time. It wasn’t a generic marketing plan but a marketing plan that perfectly fit my business.

    Our focus is on your longevity and business goals. We know that a standard marketing or business plan doesn’t work for every business, so that’s why we work with you in developing the best possible plan to ensure you succeed and see the results you want. Using our easy-to-follow business and marketing plan system, you will have a plan you can to banks or investors that contains all the core components for your success.

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    All-In-One Marketing Services

    Law of Marketing offered everything I needed for my business. I didn’t need to go spend time looking for someone to do my logo seperately or work on developing my website. 

    We offer a full range of services so that you can focus your time on running your business while we focus on marketing your business. Our services include branding, design, marketing research, advertising, photography/videography, social media, and marketing strategy.

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    # of Coffee Dates With Our Client

    Sometimes it takes more than one cup of coffee to really understand our clients. Out of 226 cups of coffee, each cup coffee brought new ideas and action

    Since Jan 2017

    Brought clarity to 22 companies, all with individual challenges and strengths

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    Our Growth Last Year

    In 2017, we’ve helped 7 clients
    Since Jan 2018, we’ve helped 15 clients
    Most of our clients are referred by our past clients

    Our Impact

    Our service has impacted over 87 projects within the 22 clients we have helped to date

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